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Foodpower Cancer Rehabprogram

Cancer Rehabilitation

Anna Ottosson founded Foodpower´s cancer rehabilitation program for cancer survivors.

Foodpower arranges Retreats that give power and strength – a rehabilitation for cancer survivors.

The program focuses on: the power of food to heal and prevent cancer relapse and how to empower the immune system with food in the best way, according to the latest worldwide nutrition research. It includes coaching and yoga.

I have seen death in the eye and have been in contact with cancer in different ways throughout my life, both privatly and in my work as a nutrition expert. This is a beloved heartfelt project for me, and it is my way of contributing and sharing the power of food with cancer survivors. Together we can make a huge difference!


Quotes from Cancer survivors who have visited Foodpowers Cancer rehab retreats

”Foodpower´s cancer rehabprogram saved my life”,

Jill, cancer survivor

“Foodpower´s rehabilitation retreat changed my life forever – so grateful for the opportunity.”

Agneta, Cancer survivor and mom of 2 children

To visit Foodpower´s cancer rehabilitation retreat was a totally life changing experience for me. Afterwards I was a totally new person with more energy, empowerment and courage to say yes, yes again to life.

Malin, cancer survivor